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Cloudclinic for HMOs

At CloudClinic, we’re committed to transforming healthcare partnerships in Nigeria, offering innovative solutions to Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). Our Sponsorship System is designed to tackle challenges like funding, fraud, regulatory compliance, and operational inefficiencies, providing a seamless healthcare experience.

Simplified Healthcare Management for HMOs

Zero claims processing

CloudClinic’s Claims Pre-approval process automates claims receipt and verification immediately after a service is rendered, removing the need for claims processing.  


Credentialing (Reviews)

Credentialing empowers patients to leave reviews based on their interactions with healthcare partners. These reviews provide valuable insights for both partners and HMOs, enhancing transparency and accountability.  


Cost Sharing

This offers a wide range of benefits by splitting financial obligations between HMOs and the subscriber. Co-Insurance, Co Pay, OOPM and Deductibles are all supported.

Streamline operations and
enhance digital efficiency.

AI-assisted Reporting

Our system offers AI-assisted report generation with unrestricted interactions with data in plain English and generates customized reports– no codes required.  

Self-service for Beneficiaries

 With our enrollees Self-Service, enrollees can update their information, preferred hospitals, and manage dependents under them. This completely removes the need to manually manage enrollees. 

Mitigating fraud and reducing operational costs

Our system incorporates sophisticated anti-fraud mechanisms, making fraudulent claims virtually impossible or very difficult. 

Efficient Online and Offline Onboarding

 Our solution makes it easy for enrollees to subscribe to plans online or offline with a unique USSD code. HMO can seamlessly onboard subscribers, ensuring even those in remote areas without internet connectivity can benefit. This vastly expands market reach and penetration. 

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