Accessible and affordable healthcare for every Nigerian.

CloudClinic is a solution designed and developed to help the Healthcare Sector reduce operational delivery costs while improving patient experience and outcome.
With CloudClinic’s smart medical devices, comprehensive services, and intuitive mobile app, you can enjoy convenient access to healthcare on any internet-enabled device anytime, anywhere.

Access to

The CloudClinic solution offers its patients instant access to healthcare from the comfort of their homes, offices or on-the-go with Zero patient-waiting time.

Medical Devices

Our easy-to-use medical devices empower our users to capture vital signs essential for doctors to deliver accurate diagnoses.

Reliable And Secure

Through our cutting-edge cloud technology, CloudClinic guarantees reliable and secure access to your healthcare providers, anytime, anywhere.

Proximity to Health Facilities

With our GPS technology, CloudClinic connects patients to the nearest licensed Medical Laboratory or Pharmacy. You do not need to be in traffic anymore.

Quality Health

With our list of licensed partners, CloudClinic ensures strict adherence to optimal health standards for her patients for a complete healthcare experience.


Get help and find answers to questions and enquiries in real-time with our round-the-clock support team.

Using CloudClinic as a



With CloudClinic, you can deliver healthcare service based on your availabilty.

Revenue Opportunity

Boost your income, aligning this financial growth with your healthcare contributions.

Flexible Consultation

Consult with patients from your home or within your office space with ease.


Our technology helps you work seamlessly with all stakeholders in the healthcare sector, irrespective of their location.

Using CloudClinic as a


Easy Access to Healthcare

CloudClinic delivers quality healthcare at your fingertips —enabling virtual consultations, access to medical labs, pharmacies, and renowned hospitals conveniently, anytime and anywhere.

Zero Waiting

CloudClinic offers you faster access to healthcare with zero patient-waiting time.

Access to

CloudClinic offers you access to all Specialists in different areas of Medicine.


CloudClinic provides confidentiality of all medical records as you are in control of who sees your health information.

Amazing Features Of

CloudClinic contains exciting features which ensure the needs of patients are met by providing quality and world-class health experience through your mobile device.

Native languages

We match our patients with doctors based on preferred native languages.

Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals

CloudClinic offers an extensive feature that gives you a wide range of diagnostic and pharmaceutical options relying on our partnership between licensed and recognized Medical Laboratories and Pharmacies.

Interactive medical hub

Our Medical Hub hosts expert doctors, sharing valuable medical knowledge to assist patients in proactive health and wellness management. 

Seamless payment

CloudClinic’s virtual shopping cart simplifies your transactions, enabling smooth and easy selection and purchase of prescribed medication. 

Location-based service

At CloudClinic, we utilise a hybrid approach, merging traditional face-to-face healthcare practices with advanced cloud technology where our GPS feature guides patients to the nearest healthcare facilities for prompt medication collection or lab investigations.

Specialist on demand

Ensuring we offer our patients the best out-of-hospital experience, CloudClinic features a wide range of Medical Specialists accessible to patients anytime any day.


CloudClinic partners with licensed healthcare stakeholders to enable seamless delivery of healthcare to her patients.

Pharmacy Partnership

When you partner with CloudClinic, your business benefits from enhanced visibility and automatic trust from our users. As a trusted CloudClinic partner, your pharmacy not only taps into new markets but also stimulates demand for your products, ultimately driving significant revenue growth. 

Medical Labs Partnership

Through a partnership with CloudClinic, your medical lab will gain prominent exposure leading to an increase in revenue, thanks to brand promotion and advertisement via our media partners. This collaboration will not only bolster customer trust and retention but will also enhance our combined commitment to fostering patient health and wellness. 

Medical Labs

Partner With Us

Our Reference Hospitals

By partnering with us, your hospital will extend its reach to a larger patient base. Our digital platform efficiently directs users to our partnering facilities, seamlessly boosting your visibility. As a valued CloudClinic partner, the benefits extend beyond mere customer acquisition. It promotes customer retention and engagement, supporting your growth and stability

Reference Hospitals

Partner With Us


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Frequently Asked

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No. Registration on CloudClinic is free.

Registering on CloudClinic is a straightforward process, whether you’re joining as a doctor, partner, or patient. 

If you’re a patient, you can register on CloudClinic by downloading the ‘My CloudClinic’ app from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once the app is installed, open it and tap ‘signup’ at the login screen to get started.     

For doctors, you can apply to be a CloudClinic Listed Medical Doctor by visiting Here you can start your application by providing all necessary details for verification. Alternatively, you can apply directly through the CloudClinic website. 

For partners or healthcare service providers, you can apply to collaborate with us by filling out the partnership form available here. If you have any queries or require assistance, feel free to send us an email at

CloudClinic offers both specialist and general practice healthcare services.

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